Legalisation and Apostille

The legalisation / apostillisation of an educational document means certification of validity of a signature on the document, authorisation of a signatory person, authenticity of a seal or stamp, also compatibility of a format and content of the document with the requirements of Georgian legislation.

Subject to legalisation / apostillisation are both the original educational document and notarised copy thereof, as well as the document certifying the identity of a copy with the original document, endorsed by an administrative authority.

Any educational document, issued in Georgia and intended for the use abroad is a subject to legalisation  or apostillisation.


The following documents should be submitted to the LEPL - National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement with a purpose of legalisation / apostillisation of educational documents issued in Georgia:
1.    An application (an application is filed electronically at the EQE premises; it is also possible the application to be presented by mail – an application form);
2.    The original educational document or a notarised copy thereof;
3.    A copy of the applicant’s identity card (in case of a foreign document - the notarised translation thereof);
4.    In the case filing an application by another person - the document certifying the authority thereof (power of attorney);
5.    Receipt certifying the payment of the relevant fee.

Bank requisites:    
Recipient:        Legal Entity of Public Law – National Centre for Educational  Quality Enhancement
Purpose:          Fee for document validation
Address:          #1, Aleksidze str., Tbilisi, 0193
JSC Bank of Georgia
Bank Code - BAGAGE22
Settlement Account - GE66BG0000000344269500
Identification Code - 202330566