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Short videos on the context of higher education in Georgia and external quality assurance mechanisms

21 August, 2020

The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia, with the support of the National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) Georgia, has designed short videos for international experts and other stakeholders on the mechanisms of external quality assurance and higher education in Georgia. The videos will support international experts, long before the site visit,  to get acquainted with the authorization and accreditation standards and procedures, the Code of Ethics of the experts and get the information about the Georgian higher education system and general context, which will help them in the process of institutional and program evaluation. 


Videos can be seen on the links below: 

Context of Higher Education in Georgia -  

Authorization Standards –  

Accreditation Standards-  

Code of Ethics for Experts -  


International experts have been involved in the institutional evaluations and the evaluations of regulated field programs, doctoral programs carried out by the Center since 2018.  

The Analysis of Development and Implementation of the Authorization 

Mechanism for Higher Education Institutions (( carried out by the National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) Georgia and the Center, has shown, that the participation of international experts in the evaluation processes carried out by the Center is positively assessed by the representatives of institutions, experts and board members, as well as the Center itself, as their participation in evaluation is one of the ways to ensure independent and impartial evaluation and give an international dimension to the evaluation processes. 

In the scope of the same research and the final report of the evaluation of the Center carried out by the ENQA, one of the recommendations was regarding the trainings for international experts (including online trainings) on issues such as national quality assurance regulations in Georgia, the local context of higher education, etc. These short videos were prepared to fulfill this recommendation. 


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