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LEPL- National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (hereafter The Center) conducts recognition of education based on the international treaties, Georgian legislation and sublegal normative acts. The Order N 98/N  of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia “on Approval of the Procedure of Validation of Georgian Educational Documents and Recognition of Foreign Education and Fees” was adopted on October 1, 2010. The Center implements a validation procedure of Georgian Educational Documents in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, educational resource centers, educational institutions eligible to conduct educational activities on the Georgian territory and other entities. In case of the recognition of Foreign Education, the Center cooperates with representatives of an international information network. 

There are following types of Recognition of Education in Georgia: 

1.    Recognition of Foreign Education

Recognition of Foreign Education deals with the Recognition of Education within a framework of complete general education received abroad or education received during an academic process in general, vocational and higher educational programmes.

2.    State Recognition of Education for Persons who received education at licensed higher educational Institutions

Recognition of Higher Education by the persons who were registered at licensed higher educational institutions, assumes defining correspondence between the competences achieved at licensed higher educational institutions and learning outcomes within the components of relevant state- recognized educational programmes.

3.   Recognition of Education of Refugees and Internally Displaced People and persons who cannot prove their education or qualification as they had studied at institution, which were liquidated or ceased educational activities

Recognition of Education means to find the evidence that those persons received education they have claimed.

4. Recognition of Education received on Occupied Territories

Recognition of Higher Education received on Occupied Territories (education-acquired after1990.)


5. Information Regarding of the Status of Foreign Educational Institution 

The Center releases the information whether or not the educational institution is recognized under the legislation of the country, where the institution concerned is located (carrying out its Educational) activities 

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