National Qualifications Framework

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) was approved by a decree  N120/N of the Minister  of Education and Science of Georgia on December 10, 2010. The document includes all the qualifications and different levels of general, vocational and higher education competences that exist in Georgia.   The NQF defines what type of knowledge, skills and values an individual should have in order to receive a certifying document of completion at a corresponding level – School Certificate (Attestat), Vocational Diploma, Diploma.

The NQF  supports:

• Establishment of a  learner, vocational student, and student- oriented educational system;
• Promotion of Education received in Georgia and its correspondence to international standards
• Student and learner mobility process.

The NQF is based on the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (LLL).

NQF  consists of five documents:

General Education Qualification Framework – a document, which systematizes qualifications of basic general and complete general education.
Vocational Qualification Framework- a document - which systematizes qualifications existing in vocational education in Georgia.

Higher Education Qualification Framework - a document, which systematizes qualifications existing in higher (academic) education in Georgia.

The fourth Annex of the NQF gives a list of directions, field/specialties, subfield/specialties and vocational specialisations.

The fifth Annex - Rule on Qualification Formation – is a document, which defines how to add new qualifications to the list of qualifications.

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