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HE Quality Assurance Department

Key functions of Higher Education Quality Assurance Department are:

  • Bringing the quality assurance mechanisms in line with the "European Higher Education Quality Assurance Standards and Guidelines";
  • Carrying out the authorization/accreditation process in accordance with the applicable legal acts, ensuring reliability of the authorization/accreditation process and publicizing its results;
  • Developing recommendations for the development of authorization/accreditation standards and procedures. Promote the involvement of international experts in the development process;
  • Within the framework of Authorization/Accreditation Process in HEIs, take into consideration the recommendations developed in terms of the “Agenda of HE modernization” of the EU and Bologna Process including the requirements of ESG principles. Also, ensure involvement of international experts in Authorization/Accreditation Process in HEIs.
  • Development and implementation of effective monitoring mechanisms for determination of compliance with authorization/accreditation standards;
  • Management and development of experts' corps;
  • Provision of counseling services to educational institutions and other stakeholders regarding the authorization/accreditation issues, planning and implementation of supportive measures;
  • Preparation of recommendations and guidelines for educational institutions and other stakeholders.
  • 1 Aleksidze st, 0193, Tbilisi, Georgia (former building of Razmadze Mathematical Institute, IV Floor, in the neighborhood of Sports Palace)
  • (+995 32) 2 200 220 (*3599)