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Qualifications Development Division

Key functions of Qualification Development Division are:

  • Carrying out activities in accordance with the applicable legislation;
  • Development of national qualification framework and classification of education spheres and preparation of appropriate proposals;
  • Management of development and improvement of the "Lifelong Learning" qualifications framework;
  • Planning and management of awareness and recognition of national qualification framework on national and international level;
  • Development of methodology and rules for elaboration of professional standards, framework documents, modules for vocational education;
  • Management of professional standards, framework documents, modular development processes, preparation of proposals and submission to the Director of the NCEQE;
  • Preparation of conclusions regarding the definition of the field of study and the formation of qualifications;
  • Participation in public hearings and sessions within its competence;
  • Elaboration of methodology and rules for the recognition of informal education, promotion and monitoring of the implementation;
  • Develop recommendations regarding assessment of student / vocational student;
  • Creation / production of the registry of qualifications;
  • Elaboration of recommendations based on research and analysis of international experience and best practices;
  • Cooperation with the Registry Division for verification of the accuracy of the information in the special card-questionnaire drawn up by the educational institution in accordance with the applicable legal acts and preparation of appropriate response;
  • Informing of other structural units and stakeholders of the NCEQE within the competence and organizing and conducting trainings on relevant issues and providing consultations.
  • 1 Aleksidze st, 0193, Tbilisi, Georgia (former building of Razmadze Mathematical Institute, IV Floor, in the neighborhood of Sports Palace)
  • (+995 32) 2 200 220 (*3599)