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Registry Division

Key functions of the Registry Division are:

  • Maintain and monitor the registry of educational institutions in accordance with applicable legal acts of Georgia;
  • Production / processing of information regarding licensed / unauthorized higher education institutions and persons enrolled in them;
  • Administration of student mobility process from one higher education institution to another higher education institution in Georgia in accordance with Georgian legislation;
  • Within its competence to support distribution of state funding in accordance with Georgian legislation;
  • Supporting the process of recognition / authenticity of the education received by the person in accordance with the Georgian legislation;
  • Informing of other structural units and stakeholders of the NCEQE within the competence and organizing and conducting trainings on relevant issues and providing consultations;
  •  In accordance with applicable legal acts verifying the accuracy of information in the special card-questionnaire drafted by the educational institution and responding to it in collaboration with the Qualifications Development Division;
  • 1 Aleksidze st, 0193, Tbilisi, Georgia (former building of Razmadze Mathematical Institute, IV Floor, in the neighborhood of Sports Palace)
  • (+995 32) 2 200 220 (*3599)