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Authorization Procedure

VI Chapter. The Procedure of Administration of Authorization Procedure

Article 14. Authorization Procedure

1. Authorization procedures cover the following steps:
a) Filing an application for authorization;
b) Recognition as an applicant for authorization;
c) Setting up of the authorization expert commission;
d) Authorization visit;
e) Preparation of the authorization expert report and provision thereof to interested parties;
f) Holding of oral hearing on authorization related issues;
g) Making and publication of decisions.
2. A decision on granting of or refusal to authorization shall be made within a period of 180 days following the recognition of an institution as an applicant for authorization.

Article 15. Application for Authorization
An application filed with the NCEQE for authorization purposes should be supplemented by:
a) a completed self-evaluation questionnaire;
b) a certified copy of a document, regulating institution activities (statute, etc.);
c) a document, certifying the payment of fee for processing an authorization application.(500

Article 16. Self-evaluation
1. Self-evaluation shall aim at the assessment of readiness of the institution for authorisation.
2. Self-evaluation shall be conducted according to authorisation standards.
3. The results of self-evaluation shall be reflected in a self-evaluation questionnaire.
4. The form of a self-evaluation questionnaire shall be approved by an individual administrative law act of the NCEQE, which act shall be subject to publication.

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