Formation and development of Vocational Qualifications

Vocational qualifications are defined in the Framework Document of VET program

Framework Document of VET program is an educational standard, which includes information necessary for learning this or that occupation, including VET specialization(s), learning area, qualification(s), admission requirements, goal, learning outcomes, list of modules, methods of teaching and assessment etc.
A Framework Document may define one or more qualifications/learning areas. Each qualification has individual learning outcomes, positions (job titles), they may have various times for teaching/learning, various levels of VET and admission requirements.
Educational institutions elaborate VET programs based on the Framework Documents. VET students are granted qualifications based on the achievement of learning outcomes defined by the VET program.

Vocational qualification is formed in the process of elaborating Framework Document. The process envisages the study and analysis of ISCO’s occupation(s), International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), the National Classification of Georgia - Types of Economic Activities Identifying relevant positions, sharing international experience, etc.

A Framework Document is approved centrally by the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and will be developed in accordance with established rule and methodology in the center and also as a result of external initiation

Rules and Methodology of Elaboration/Reworking of Framework Document of VET Program 

Annex №6 - Structure of the Framework Document of VET program

Annex №7 -  Structure of the module 


Assessment questionnaires

Framework Document

Integration of core competencies 

Module evaluation criteria


What is external initiation?

Processes unfolding in the country, labor market and/or any legislative amendments/initiatives may require introduction of a new competency or create the need for introducing modern approaches in occupations/sectors, which has to be done by the educational system. Taking all of this into consideration, any stakeholder/individual has the right to apply to the National Center of Educational Quality Enhancement (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) with an initiative to elaborate a Framework Document, module and/or develop the existing ones. In that case the stakeholder is considered to be an “initiator” and the request submitted by him/her/it is considered to be an “initiative”.
The initiative may entail elaboration/development of a Framework Document or a concrete module(s).

Who may be an initiator?

An initiator is any natural person or legal entity, which apply to the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement with one of the following proposals:
• Elaboration of a new Framework Document by the Center;
• Elaboration of a new Framework Document by the initiator himself/herself/itself;
• Amendments to the already existing Framework Document/module;


Stages of Elaboration and Documentation that is to be submitted 

Roadmap of External Initiation of Framework Document and Module Elaboration 



Fields of education and training 2013 (ISCED-F 2013) – Detailed field descriptions 

International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08)

ISCED Fields of Education and Training 2013 (ISCED-F 2013)



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