Vocational Education

Goals of Vocational Education according to Georgian Law of vocational education

a) Develop common vocational education area for life-long learning taking into consideration one’s learning capacities, multilevel and diversified education;

b) Support professional development of an individual;

c) Ensure the training of labor market oriented, competitive and qualified staff;

d) Promotion of the employment of individuals, amongst them, self-employment and entrepreneurship;

e) Develop Public-Private Partnership in VET, support the involvement of employers in planning and implementation of education programs development process.

Vocational Education in Georgia consists of 5 levels. After completion of each level, the relevant professional diploma will be issued. Levels of specific vocational educational programs are determined by occupational standards. Programs are created in correspondence with VET credit system.
The strategy for reform of vocational education and training was created in 2013. Modular programs have been developed and implemented within the framework of above mentioned reform. Modular programs are based on learning outcomes and are focused on satisfying labor market’s demands. Nowadays, Georgian vocational education system is preparing to completely switch over the modular program.

Types of vocational educational institutions:
• Vocational college - institution of vocational education which carries out vocational education program of only the first three levels .
• Community college – institution of vocational education which carries out vocational educational program of all five levels..

Obtaining the status of VET institution and implementation of respective educational activity is possible only in case of authorization of vocational educational institution defined by the rules of authorization provision. Authorization is a procedure of obtaining a status of VET institution purpose of which is to ensure compliance with standards necessary for implementation of respective activity required for issuing of education confirming document recognized by the state. Authorization is carried out by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, according to the rules defined by the authorization provision. The state recognizes only diplomas issued by authorized VET institutions.
According to Georgian Law of vocational education the higher education institutions and General education schools also have the right to implement vocational educational programs. HEI has right to carry out the programs of all levels and schools have right to implement the programs of only the first three levels.

Enrolment of students in vocational educational program is carried out twice in a year and consists of several stages (only VET institutions, which are founded by State ):
1) Registration;
2) Passing the Unified Vocational Exams;
3) Interview in VET institution.
National Examinations Center is a legal entity of public law which ensures execution of Unified Vocational Exams. If student passes the exam he/she receives the state grant.

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